Deer Run Farm

Proudly owned and operated by Brian and Sue Paradoski

In 2001, we purchased our 49 acre "hobby farm" - a dream we had shared for many years. Since then, we have focused on the health and conservation of the farmland and the surrounding ecosystem.

We have approximately 22 acres in rotated cash crops, and the rest of the property is treed, 4,000 of which were planted as seedlings after we purchased the land in 2001. There are three ponds and a few acres of forage (for the local ducks!) and a half acre wildflower meadow (to support our bees!). Our enjoyment comes from watching the deer, wild turkeys, ducks, geese and the occasional bear roam the property.

Our honey bees šŸĀ  have a good supply and a variety of food sources. The pond locations provide nourishment forĀ the bees and a safe haven for a variety of ducks šŸ¦† to arrive and nest, and raiseĀ their young.Ā The Eastern Bluebirds and Tree Swallows return each year to a few well placed nesting boxes. As well, a variety of songbirds hangout around our stocked Ā feeders year round. Sue makes sure the Hummingbird feedersĀ are out and full before the 8th of May.

We are aware of the fewer beekeeping supply locations which limit the availability of equipment requirements to all our local and new beekeepers. Our objective is to supply our beekeeping community with product at reasonable prices.

You will notice that we do not offer online orders ... shipping costs do add up! Our hope is that our fellow beekeepers will assist one another in the distribution, just as they do in terms of support, guidance and advice.

If ever you are in the area, stop by for a visit and see what's happening on the farm.Ā  Or, give us a shout and we'll be happy to chat!

Live, Love and Laugh
Yours Truly ~Deer Run Services and The Bee Team

The Bee Team

Beekeepers helping beekeepers.


Brian and Sue

Brian and Sue returned to the Bobcaygeon area in 2001 after retiring from long careers with Ontario Hydro. Brian, an arborist and all-round tree guy, with Sue, a customer experience guru, work together to support and bring life to their historical farm.Ā  As active participants in the community, they raise awareness on environmental and commerce issues relevant to the area.Ā  Passionate, life-long learners, they continue to cultivate the farmland in new ways, both preserving and enhancing their part of the local ecosystem.